Printing a case for Smoothieboard 3d printer electronics

My larger kossel's electronics had really bad cable management so I printed a case to help clean things up. I hope you enjoy the video, I like how it turned out. You can get the original Smoothieboard Slim Box stl here: . You can get the Smoothieboard Slim Box w/ endstop hole stl here:

Tallest Print and Vases

Recently, In between calibration sessions, I have been printing vases to spice things up. Last article I spoke about upgrading the Kossel to a new extruder, which you can see in the videos that I decided to go with a flying extruder design. I will provide more details and talk about the advantages of this design in the near future. This print is "Twisted 6-sided Vase Basic" by MAAKMIJNIDEE scaled in the z axis 250% ( ). The finished print was .5m tall (my tallest yet)...

Kossel Build update: First print!

The 1 meter tall Kossel printed it's first print, a step calibration cube. The bed is 10 inch mirror glass from Joanns. I followed my original plan for the most part except for two things. One, I am using a Smoothieboard 5x instead of a 4x , which doesn't change anything because I am not using the extra stepper driver for anything. Two, I have yet to add a third triangle on the bottom for more rigidity and storage for the electronics under the bed. After the video, I did more wire management and moved the Smoothie under the print bed...

Bulbasaur is alive! (3D printed succulent Planter)

Recently, I planted a succulent plant in a 3D printed Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter. The print was done in pla on a UP! mini, I printed it a while ago but finally spur of the moment bought a little succulent from Walmart and planted it. Next time I would like to buy the plant from a local nursery but it seems to be growing well. The model (thing:381599) I printed was by Hitsman on Thingiverse.

Kossel Build update: Printed tnuts

For the assembly of the Kossel's frame I am using printed t-nuts that hold a #6 nut in the slot and prevent it from spinning freely. This saves money and is strong enough because the only force the plastic takes is of the bolt twisting. There is no chance of the bolt pulling out because the steel has metal to metal contact with the aluminum and wont come out even if the plastic fails. I use pliers to gently press the nut into the plastic. The t-nuts I customized for Misumi 2020 had a tight fit and one would crack every once and a while but the Openbuilds were perfect...

Larger Kossel Mini Build

Kossel corner
I am building a Larger Kossel Mini 3d printer that will have a ~250mm round build. This will be my second printer build, the first being a Prusa i2. The frame will be built out of 20mm square t-slot aluminum extrusions, the side extrusions will be 360mm and the towers 1000mm. I may use a small amount of the tower as legs to keep an atx power supply under the printer. The side extrusions will be Misumi 2020 and the towers 2020 V-slot from OpenBuilds along with Solid V Wheels and aluminum spaces for the carriages...

3d Printed adjustable IPad Air Manfrotto tripod quick mount

I designed this to attach a iPad Air to my Manfrotto tripod using the quick release. You can download the STL files here: or . It has four parts total and three printed parts (two of the printed parts are exact copies). It can hold the iPad in portrait or landscape by sliding the corners. The quick mount should be static in the center of the aluminum bar so use glue if the fit is not tight. The corners should be adjustable with friction.