Kossel Build update: Printed tnuts

For the assembly of the Kossel's frame I am using printed t-nuts that hold a #6 nut in the slot and prevent it from spinning freely. This saves money and is strong enough because the only force the plastic takes is of the bolt twisting. There is no chance of the bolt pulling out because the steel has metal to metal contact with the aluminum and wont come out even if the plastic fails. I use pliers to gently press the nut into the plastic. The t-nuts I customized for Misumi 2020 had a tight fit and one would crack every once and a while but the Openbuilds were perfect. I will link a download to the .stl files soon. To make the tnuts I changed the variables of the Openscad file in cdw's thingiverse thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:353938 Pressing a nut into printed holder Printed tnuts Printed tnuts ready for use (notice the cracked one in the top corner)