Larger Kossel Mini Build

I am building a Larger Kossel Mini 3d printer that will have a ~250mm round build. This will be my second printer build, the first being a Prusa i2. The frame will be built out of 20mm square t-slot aluminum extrusions, the side extrusions will be 360mm and the towers 1000mm. I may use a small amount of the tower as legs to keep an atx power supply under the printer. The side extrusions will be Misumi 2020 and the towers 2020 V-slot from OpenBuilds along with Solid V Wheels and aluminum spaces for the carriages. I ordered from two different suppliers because the sides do not need to be used for linear motion and Misumi is cheaper than V-slot for me. I based the dimensions off of's K250VS and's Kossel 1.5x. The printer's controller will be a Smoothieboard 4x. I am going to build this printer for as cheap as possible without sacrificing print quality or reliability which is the reason I chose OpenBuild's wheels instead of HIWIN linear rails (more expensive, but same or comparable print quality) or plastic/POM "shower rollers" (cheaper and less reliable/possibly worse print quality). The plastic parts will be printed on my Up! Mini instead of my prusa because my prusa has many problems and the Up! produces better prints. I will be posting build log updates archiving my build and will release Bill Of Materials (BOM) in the future, so look out for updates!