3d printer

Printing a case for Smoothieboard 3d printer electronics

My larger kossel's electronics had really bad cable management so I printed a case to help clean things up. I hope you enjoy the video, I like how it turned out. You can get the original Smoothieboard Slim Box stl here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1277247 . You can get the Smoothieboard Slim Box w/ endstop hole stl here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1514461

Tallest Print and Vases

Recently, In between calibration sessions, I have been printing vases to spice things up. Last article I spoke about upgrading the Kossel to a new extruder, which you can see in the videos that I decided to go with a flying extruder design. I will provide more details and talk about the advantages of this design in the near future. This print is "Twisted 6-sided Vase Basic" by MAAKMIJNIDEE scaled in the z axis 250% ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18672 ). The finished print was .5m tall (my tallest yet)...

Kossel Build update: First print!

The 1 meter tall Kossel printed it's first print, a step calibration cube. The bed is 10 inch mirror glass from Joanns. I followed my original plan for the most part except for two things. One, I am using a Smoothieboard 5x instead of a 4x , which doesn't change anything because I am not using the extra stepper driver for anything. Two, I have yet to add a third triangle on the bottom for more rigidity and storage for the electronics under the bed. After the video, I did more wire management and moved the Smoothie under the print bed...

Larger Kossel Mini Build

Kossel corner
I am building a Larger Kossel Mini 3d printer that will have a ~250mm round build. This will be my second printer build, the first being a Prusa i2. The frame will be built out of 20mm square t-slot aluminum extrusions, the side extrusions will be 360mm and the towers 1000mm. I may use a small amount of the tower as legs to keep an atx power supply under the printer. The side extrusions will be Misumi 2020 and the towers 2020 V-slot from OpenBuilds along with Solid V Wheels and aluminum spaces for the carriages...